Nicole Paskauskas - Lookbook

Pizza Bones - Press Shots

Parla - Press Shots

Cece Abbassi - Head Shots

Blackhoney - Press Shots

Zyna Hel - Press shots

Lille Trille - Lookbook

Lick Yogurt - Press Shots

Emily Bador - Portfolio

Jika Estrom - Portfolio

Us Baby Bear Bones - Press shots

Sea Bed - Press Shots

TEEFF - Press Shots

Assisting & Production

Blood Red Shoes - Press Shots

Lucy Spagen - Music Video Photography Props

Format34 - Exhibition/Production/Assisting photoshoots

Royal Blood - Press Shots

Nima Elm - Styling

Eleni Mettyear - Styling

Steve Glashier - Styling, Art Direction and Production

Us Baby Bear Bones - Boon Magazine (Concept)





Design & Illustration


Charles Kirk - Illustrations For Catalogue  

Where Are You Mr Tucker - Exhibition 

Sticky Mikes Frog Bar - Mural

Lick - Point of Sale


The Dreamland Trust - Book Trilogy

Fatcat Records - Design Intern

Brighton Electric - Adverts

Us Baby Bear Bones - Branding

Lick Yogurt - Brand Development

Fire Eye Land Studio - Branding

TEEFF - Logo and Branding

Sea Bed - Posters

The Reality Party - Branding


Papier Lunes - White Night 2010

'What starts with a U and ends with an I?' EP Launch Party

Ghost Culture & Kub - Margate Arts Club

Kub - Cliffs

Using Format