Music is my first love and probably the reason I make all the things I do. From a very young age I have played in bands, written songs and have always had a very DIY approach, which has lead me on to learning about, design, photography and video, by doing it all myself.

I am currently just finishing an album for my solo project KUB, which is being co produced with Adrian Sherwood. I was also in a band called Us Baby Bear Bones, with two of my bestest friends, and our biggest victories were being played on BBC radio 1, radio 6, working with Blood Red Shoes, going on tour with Sophie Ellis Bextor, selling out our EP launch beyond capacity, and playing with an array of Amazing artists.

Photography & Video

My interest in video and photography began when I was the most difficult, naughty, and self righteous teenager at school, I was constantly getting kicked out of lessons, and my refuge from staring at a wall or writing lines for hours, I would go to my favourite teachers classroom, who would let me work on the only mac in school and I would make films, animations and teach myself all the skills that I have ended up needing in later life, first for my own bands and later for other peoples.

I have worked with NTSH London, Format 34, Tru Thoughts, Sony Music, Parlophone, Bonobo, Raygun Music, among many other amazing artists and brands.

Design and Illustration  

Getting into design was a total accident and I can’t really remember how it started, various people just started asking me to make posters, books, flyers and make online content for them, so I did. I really really enjoy it and love what its grown into, and its all been totally organic, which is the best thing! 

I am currently designing a trilogy of books for The Dreamland Trust, and I worked with Fat Cat Records, Lick Yogurt, Fire Eye Land, Brighton Electric and made far too many posters.

The Studio

My most recent venture has been starting a business with my Dad, last year we acquired a big warehouse in Margate, which we have transformed into 5 music studios, 5 artist studios and one very big photography and film studio called Fire Eye Land. We still have a long way to go, but it’s so exciting to build a big creative home, and can’t wait to see it grow.

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